Monday, October 15, 2007

Sick in the Valley...again

JC is in Las Vegas this weekend working for a horse trainer, and so we took him to the valley so that he could catch his flight out. It was nice the first few days, we hit the new Target (my own personal heaven) went to the mall, had all my bros and sis over for a BBQ and then it started...First let me start by saying every time we come down here one of my precious little angles gets sick. On Saturday night Cody was fussy and not acting like himself, so my quick thinking mom reminded me that Sadie used to act the same way when she had an ear infection, so we took a quick trip to Urgent Care (and it was quick 30 min and we were done) to find that he had double ear infections. The next morning we woke up to come home and Sadie was complaining of her eye bugging her, I thought nothing of it she is a touch dramatic, so we went to the mall, shopped let the kids play, and the had lunch. We were on our way out to the car when she started crying about her eye and so I took a closer look, there it was in all of its goopy glory. So back to Urgent Care we go, and guess eye. Other than that we had a great time with my family they are always so much fun and if my kids are going to get sick it is always nice to have my mom around to lend a helping hand. These are some pictures of the kids all playing and of Sadies eye.

Monday, October 8, 2007

crazy weekend

This weekend my Lil sis and here son Chase came up. He is the funniest little guy, he hates me! I am not aloud to touch him or he starts crying for his mom, but we are making some progress he used to hit me too. It was fun to see them. Ashley helped me make a sign for my girls' room and they love it.

JC helped Marybeth and Scott move yet again, Kristen and Sara and their girls came up too. It was chaos, but the good kind. We had a slumber party at our house on Saturday night with Macy, Asia, Sadie and Jordyn I think they were all finally asleep by about 10:30. Cody got another hair cut, and was not to happy about it, when I turned on the clippers and tuched them to his head he started to cry but was ok about half way through. He has also learned a new trick, he is now able to pull himself up and stand in his crib, he is getting to big to fast.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here we are

Ok I finally got it all together and got my blog all figured out, I think, thanks to Maren. So let me catch everyone up on the last few months at our house. Jordyn has got her first bloody nose as you can tell from the pictures she was not to upset about it, she thought that she was so funny with toilet paper up her nose. Sadie has really started to enjoy riding and wants to go out with JC whenever she can. Cody is the sweetest baby ever and is figuring out how much he loves to eat (especailly brownie mix). And last but not lest, the last 2 nights JC and I have spent the night in the ER. JC has had Kidney Stones and let me tell you how fun that has been. Thank goodness for pain meds, oh how we love those.
It just so happend that JC's mom had her last day of work on the same day so she was able to stay with the kids, lucky her what a way to spend your first few days off work...Thanks Val.