Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick Brand


The fist weekend in December JC and Kelly had to brand a few heifers so the kids and I tagged along. While the guys and I ran the cows through the shoot the kids played on the smaller shoot right next to it. They pretended to brand and vaccinate for hours.


JC riding



The girls were tired after playing


“Quit taken my picture mom!”



Jordyn and Cody rode to a bit when we were finished. These are thing things in my life that make me happy and keep me going!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decorating the tree

Can you tell I am playing catch up for the end of 2010. I got so behind in my blogging that I am doing it now.

For Thanksgiving we went to the Valley to be with my family. We had such a good time with everyone, but I didn’t take one picture .

Anyways we came home the day after Thanksgiving and decorated the tree.

DSCN2866 DSCN2865 DSCN2861

The kids had a great time getting all the house decorated for Christmas.

Friday, January 7, 2011



This little guys appears from time to time at our place. I have tried to get his picture but every time he fly's off.  The other morning he was outside in the peach tree so I took a picture from inside the house, it is kind of blurry but he is so pretty  to see I had to remember him. It also reminds me of my Mamagene!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Jordyn's Kindergarten did a very cute Thanksgiving program. Most of the kids got up and said they were thankful for their family, dogs, toys and a few for money. Jordyn stood up and said "I am thankful for my hands" I asked her when she was done why she was thankful for her hands and she told me that without hands she couldn't play or write or give hugs and that you can't do anything without hands.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Burning weeds

Cody, Kelly and JC burned weeds around the house. Cody said they did it so that it would look pretty when I pulled up to my house. Nov 2010

DSCN2830 DSCN2831 DSCN2832 DSCN2833 DSCN2834

Gathering and Shipping


Here are a bunch of pictures from when Spence Trey and ‘White (as Cody calls him) came to gather the Platt cows and ship them back home (Nov 2010). Cody had a blast he loves working. The girls were both at school and missed out on the fun

DSCN2765 DSCN2766 DSCN2767 DSCN2768 DSCN2769 DSCN2792


After everything was gathered up they had to sort the cows from the calves so they could be loaded onto the trucks

 DSCN2816 DSCN2817 DSCN2818 DSCN2819

The truckers were very nice  to Cody, they let him get up in the trucks and blow the horns. They also took him into the trailer and showed him how the compartments moved around to get the cattle on the top and in the bottom of the trucks.

DSCN2824 DSCN2825 DSCN2828

After a long day we all felt like this!