Thursday, April 24, 2008

A waiting to come home day!

Hi I am Sadie and today in class I pulled out my first tooth. My teacher did not even know until I got up and told her, we were coloring and watching a movie. I could not wait much longer until we finally got to come home so I could show my mom, here is my picture...
(Sadie wanted to tell the story and just have me write)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sadie's Program

Today was Sadie's Spring/ Mothers Day singing program. She had a solo part and did such a wonderful job I am so proud of her. She got up there and was so cute and confident, she sang a Mothers Day song. Then they did a square dance, Sadie and her partner where the head couple, then they did the Two Step. It was so cute to watch all those Kindergartners! Sadie was upset that her Daddy and Grandmas could not be there and just her mom was going to be so Marybeth came to watch her. When they where done they gave all the moms a one of their shoes that had been spray painted gold with Snap Dragons in them and a letter they wrote. Here are a few pictures.