Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We LOVE Aunt Marybeth!!!!

Dear Aunt Marybeth thank you for these scarfs, they are comfy and they keep me warm at school. I love to dance with mine and pretend magic with it. Thank you so much I really like them! Love Sadie

Aunt Airebes I love you because you gave me my scarf. I love you SO much and I love Uncle Scott that he made it too. Love Jordyn

These are their words.

nov. 2008 001

nov. 2008 002

Dancing Queens

I totally forgot about this video I took of the girls, I took it while my computer was down so I thought that I would post it now. This is Jordyn's favorite song ever she knows every single word. Check out the gum chewing it is to funny.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well I am back...I have not had a computer forever and it has been awful! So here are some update pictures of the kids from the last month that are kinda a bunch of nothing but here they are anyway's.




Cody is such a Daddy's boy! He loves to go and be with him whenever he can.


Playing in the leaves at Grandad's house

One of the kids favorite things is when JC brings home his saddle to oil and clean so that they can play on it





Asia came over and spent Halloween with us. We started by carving pumpkins while Cody was down for his nap, I figured that it would be much easier this way. The girls all drew on a piece of paper how they wanted there pumpkins to look then the cleaned them out and I carved, the best I could. Here they all are, they had so much fun. Once they were finished Sadie and Asia pretended they were chefs and played with the seeds and goo for over an hour and made a huge mess.




Sadie the poser




Sadie, Jordyn and Asia

After that my brother and sister and thier families came out. After we all got done eating pizza we were just hanging out and here comes my little sister walking out side looking like this


then we all got the kids ready and went Trick or Treating


Jordyn the witch, Batman Cody and Ninja Sadie

They all had tons of fun!

JoJo's Birthday

Well its official she's all grown up...Jordyn turned 4. She is so excited about being "BIG". We were in the valley at my mom's for her birthday so we asked Jordyn what she wanted to do for her day and she told us that she wanted to go to the zoo, so that is what we did. Heather, Millie, Matt and Chase all went with us. We really did not see that much it seems but we were there for 3 hours I think and after that much time the kids were tired, I did not get that many pictures but here are a few.


Sadie, Cody, Chase and Jojo in a cave


Heather and JC eating lunch


Cody on cactus slide


This was Sadie's favorite part of the zoo, she found this goat in the petting zoo that just layed there and she felt sorry for it so she stayed by it the whole time we were in there.


at the playground he loved this kangaroo

After we went to the zoo we had a party for Jordyn at my parents house My sister Ashley and my brother Chris and there families and Heather and Millie came. She wanted a Rainbow birthday so that's what she got.


Sadie, Jordyn, Zach Whats that you ask...Where did I get that cute cake? I made it!


Jordyn and Nick opening her presents they had so much fun together!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I know I know it has been forever but my computer crashed on me and I sent it to the valley to be fixed I will have it back this next weekend so I will post something then and catch everyone up to speed!