Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Love you Jen

I found this in Sadie's backpack the other day


It is hard to see but it says "I love you Jen" and it is a picture of JC kissing me. I thought it was so funny that Sadie drew this at school, and was glad it was not of a picture of me yelling at Sadie to clean her room which seems to be what I do lately.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess that baby

Baby jojo

Can you tell who this is. No one could tell this was Jordyn, I think even my mom and sister had to look twice. She looks very different don't you think.

james kissing jojo

This and That

Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog. really nothing major has been going on. We did Christmas and is was great then New Years/our 5 yr anniversary was next. My mom and dad came into town so they could sit for us, Thanks guys it is nice to not have to pay a sitter for once we really appreciate you!

Then it was back to the grind, Getting kids up and ready school (this is a real struggle in our house) and  BABYSITTING.

We have made one trip to the ER for nun other then Cody but it was nothing serious as usual and he is fine now.

The only real exciting thing around here is we have a little calf that we are taking care of right now. Its name is Miles, the kids cousins' Parker and Charlie named him while they had him. We bottle feed him 3 times a day and the girls and Cody LOVE him. Sadie gets up every morning before 7 and feeds him before she can get ready for school, then Jordyn and I feed him lunch and Sadie does it again in the evening.

calf 006

Jordyn and Miles




Cody and Jordyn