Tuesday, February 23, 2010


OK I know it has taken me a long time to post something about where we moved sorry things have been stressful here. We really do love it so far. We have been here about for about 5 week and are all very happy. This is what we woke up to our first morning,

DSCN0959 DSCN0958

Seriously? Snow? It melted off quickly and then we had rain for the next 2 week, which we appreciated very much.

We got Sadie into the Tombstone school and she has made lots of new friend and loves being "the new kid". This is what Sadie and I see every morning while she eats breakfast.


For some reason we all sleep very heavy here and wake up in better moods, I am not sure if it the darkness or the complete silence well other then the coyotes, and yes I mean both kinds.

We have some great neighbors, the Arreola's, We love them and their kids very much they have 3 kids the close to Sadie's age but all of them get along greatly together. Plus Cindy is a great cook and they keep us in yummy salsa and tamales.


Pablo, cody,jerry,sadie,jazmine,jojo


Ernesto, Cindy, Me, JC

The kids have been able to ride more often because the stalls are just right here so JC doesn't have to load up and take horses or kids anywhere to ride, they have been loving that.

DSCN1049 DSCN1059


Thanks to my uncle Lacy we got a new puppy also, it is a Jack Russell Terrier and we named him Jester cause of his patch over his eye. Jordyn says that she is his mama and never lets the poor thing alone, not his best picture but the only one I have in my camera.


Like I said we all love it here and are glad that we moved I will have to post more pictures of the house and landscape around later but this will have to do for now.


Monday, February 22, 2010

We Finally did it...

Jordyn has been begging me for the last few months to cut her hair, I never could bring myself to do it but finally this weekend Sara did it.


I think that she looks like a doll. We donated all 10 inches to locks of love.

Sadie is rockin a short sassy new doo also I will have to post pictures later though.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going Private

I am going private. Today I got a coment on a post that was older from someone I have no idea who they are and it bugs me out so if you want to keep up with my blog send me your email