Friday, November 12, 2010

6 years old!


Jojo turned 6 last week, we invited all her cousins to come for a easy & relaxing birthday weekend complete with no hair combing and all the playing outside you can handle  My sister Ash and her 3 little ones came, my brother Jason and his 3 big and little ones came along with my parents. It was a ton of fun!


Sadie caught and took pictures of this horned toad that her and Paige played with for most of the day


Cody and Chase had fun playing with trains.


James and Jojo are pretty good buddies!


Paige manned the drink station making sure all the kids (minus 2 babies) always had water to drink. Woo! that's a lot of cups!


Sadie, Lindsey, Paige, Cody, Chase, Jordyn, James, Abbie, Grandpa, and Jess (smile Jess)





This is the cake it turned out so cute. Ashley made the Fondant (Fon-donnt, don’t you watch the Cake Boss?) I made the cake and we both put it together. Thanks Ashley!


We decided to eat cake and ice cream outside and roast marshmallows for s’mores. After all we can’t have cousins out with out doing that!


Grandma and Lou Lou. My mama is so cute!


Cody, Uncle Pixie, Jojo and Paige. My brothers are the BEST daddy’s ever I love them (even though Chris and his fam couldn’t make it we thought about them a ton)!


Grandpa, James, Abbie, Grandma, and Lindsey

It was such a fun weekend Thanks for making the trip down to the ranch. Happy Birthday Jordyn Kelly we love you so much!

Thursday, November 11, 2010




this is my sweetie-pie niece Jess. She came and stayed with me for 2 nights so she could be spoiled by her favorite Aunt Jen. She is such a funny little thing. She is so girly I love it. I had a fun time getting to spend one on one time with her I love when I can do that with my nieces or nephews!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Looked out the window…

I looked out the window and what did I see? Cows and goats staring back at me! This ranch has brought me such a nice surprise, animal poop right before my eyes! (to the tune of Popcorn Popping)




i got home the other day and our sweet little goats had figured out how to get out of their pen, they leave little “surprises” everywhere. Also we had 2 cows that roamed into out font yard. Close the gates guys!! Gotta love it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Break

We went to the valley for 2 weeks for the girls Fall Break. We of course stayed at my mom’s house and the kids have more fun there then anywhere else we could have gone


Jojo and Cody played dress up


Cody got to play with Chase and James


The kids got to eat dinner in the family room on the floor, something that could never be done at home



Sadie and Paige made Shrinky Dinks (I loved those when I was little)


At the end of the second week was Millie and Keegan’s wedding. JC’s Uncle John was there. Sadie could not get enough of him, she was his shadow whenever he was around.




The wedding was perfect. The weather was great, the food was yummy, the music was nice and the location could not have been better. Millie looked absolutely beautiful! Congrats Millie and Keegan!