Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What 3 in one day!!!

K JC and I, well more like just me, moved Cody out of our bedroom!!! He is now in with the girls. I had to move the girls dresser into our room so that there is still room for the kids to play in their room but it looks so much better. I also FINALLY hung my pictures also. I have not taken any pictures of the kids room yet because they have trashed it and there are no sheets on the beds cause I am washing them so I will when it is back to normal.

The 4th and other stuff

The 4th is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. I love to be here at home for it, they do lots of fun things! They fire the cannon starting a 5 am about a million times (JC was not pleased about that one) Then starting at 6 am they have a pancake breakfast at the park, we made it there around 8. After that they have a patriotic little program then they do a free BBQ in the park. After everyone has filled there bellies it is time to have the foot races. I am proud to say for the 4th year in a row my kids took first or a CLOSE second place in their age groups, we train all year for this, the winner gets a gold dollar, second gets a 50 cent piece and third (which we don't even bother with) gets a quarter and everyone who races gets cracker jacks, but really it is lots of fun to watch. I only have one picture cause I am a slacker and forgot my camera, Thanks Jamie for taking one for me!!!

Cody running for 2nd place in the foot races

After all that fun we came back to my house and let the kids play on the water slide and rest for a bit so that we could go to Lyman Lake for the fireworks. It was such a fun day the kids made it about 3 minutes in the car after the fireworks before crashing out.

Me and Cody watching fireworks



The month of June

Okay Everyone has been giving me a hard time about my lazy blogging, all i have to say is at least I am not as bad as Nikki (thats right lady I am calling you out)

This is what has been happening last month in a nut shell. Sadie was in the Fiesta Parade, she did a little cheer camp and got to walk in the parade and perform. She did very well I thought that she was going to have a hard time, I think that they walked about a mile or maybe more and cheered the whole time and it was very hot out side. My parents and my nephews Zach and Nick came up to watch her is was fun.
Sadie doing her thing

Nick, Zach, and Jordyn watching the parade

JC's sisters Heather and Millie came to town with their "friends". We went out to the sand wash and BBQ and hung out by the fire (this is our kids favorite thing to do). It was tons of fun and our kids sleep great after.

Grandma Val, Sadie, Aunt Heather

Papa and Jordyn

Val, Heather, Sean, Millie and Logan

The girls also have been doing swim lessons. Jordyn is doing great this is the first year she has been able to do them and she is doing wonderful she is now a good little swimmer. Sadie moved up to level 3 and is doing great as well, she is jumping off the high dive just like her dad. Cody is not in swim lessons but on Tuesday and Thursday after lessons we stay and swim. Cody is following suit he is a total water dog like the rest of them.

Well that is the most of it for June...