Saturday, August 28, 2010

My wash runneth over

We got a good rain this afternoon.



playing down by the wash, it is probably 2 feet deep they were standing on the bank.


Little frogs the kids caught.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Last Saturday afternoon we all went riding, JC took the kids down the wash and up the "mountain" as Cody says. Everyone had a great time and were all very happy. Later that night JC told the kids that the next day after church we should go out and drive around the ranch and see how much it has changed, since we have gotten all the rain, and have a picnic. So that is what we did. The first place we stopped was an Indian ruin by Stockton Hill but there was no shade and we were eaten alive by ants and biting flys so we went down to the was by the S.O. mill.


JC and Sadie coming back from their ride


Me and Sadie riding

DSCN1995 DSCN1993

DSCN1997 DSCN1998 

Cody is our official gate opener


Things are really green and beautiful right now!



This was the fist place we stopped and I put them right by a ant hill, oops


JC enjoying the cloud cover


Sadie, Jordyn , Cody


JC, Me and Bailey


Jojo and Cody


Sadie was going to swim in the tank but the lightning started




and a trip around here is never complete without seeing something like this!

We had a wonderful day together!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Field Day

The girls had there first ever field day at school. Each grade wore a different color. Sadie's wore red and Jojo's wore green. There where 12 different stations they went to, to play games. Cody and I went to watch cheer and take pictures of them. The girls had so much fun and they all got a prize at the end!



When we first got to the school there was 10 min before it all started to Cody got to be part of Kindergarten!



Getting ready!

DSCN2031 DSCN2035

hula hoops


Sponge pass

DSCN2046 DSCN2084

The parachute they were nice enough to let Cody play and he stayed there most of the day.

DSCN2112 DSCN2061

Squirt guns

DSCN2063 DSCN2105

tag games

DSCN2074 DSCN2076

Relay Races


water balloon hot potato

DSCN2116 DSCN2067

follow the leader

DSCN2072 DSCN2101

dance time

DSCN2092 DSCN2102

Pictures with the Tiger

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Round steak???


This is some of our round steak.

I always have so much round steak when we get beef that I don't know what to do with. I make the usual things like chicken fried steak, salisbury steak, and well that is pretty much it for me. Since I am out of ground beef I need more recipes for it. So if any of you are like me I have something new (at least in my kitchen) that you might want to try.

I get my steak and season it with tenderizer, lime juice, mexican chicken bullion, and garlic salt. I let it sit for a few hours then take the whole thing and through it on the grill. After that I dice it up and put it in a tortilla with thinly  shredded cabbage and cilantro and lime or whatever else you want in your taco.

Just thought I would share. If you have any good round steak recipes to share, Kellie & Kristen, I would love to have them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New School Year

This has been an exciting new school year.  Both of the girls are going to a new school and this is Jojo's first year.  Sadie was a little nervous about her new teacher this year, she is very structured, which I love, and expects a lot form her students. If you know Sadie very well this will be an adjustment, she has a harder time being able to not talk to others and sit still in her seat so she may get a bigger load of homework but hopefully she will learn to focus a little better this year she is going to be a star! She came home from her first day every excited and said she thinks she will love her teacher.


Jordyn is so happy to go to school every morning even though she has to wake up at 5:45 to get there on time. She has the most loving teacher in the school and is ready to learn all she can. She already has 2 best friends and is learning to "read".


Then there is this little monkey. Cody has had a hard time without his big sisters to take care of him. I is my little shadow now and does not know quite what to do with himself. He goes with his Papa whenever he can or we go visit JC at work, he loves his daddy!