Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moving Date

Well the other day J.C. finally made a decicion as to when we will be moving to Texas... We aren't. We are here to stay in St. Johns. We are excited now we just need to find a house here somewhere. Just thought that I would let everyone know

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fun with stitches

Last Saturday we woke up as usual and before JC left to work he asked me what I was going to do today, I said nothing, just have a nice boring Saturday. Well 2 hours later I was in the Family room with Cody and the crawled over to a shelf I have and started shaking it. I had 4 THICK glass cups on the top shelf and one of them came craching down and hit him right on the forhead. I rushed him to the ER (well my Grandad rushed us) and the Doctor decided to just put that super glue stuff on it. The nurse said it really should have stitches but what the Doc says goes. We drove home and cody yet down for a nap. About an hour later he woke up screaming, he had bumped his head on the crib and split it open agian so we had to go back so that they could stitch it up. What an exciting day!!!