Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My little buddy


So Cody and I have settled into a really good routine here. We take all the kids to school in town then we hit the park. We get there around 8, first we have to feed the duck their breakfast they call to Cody every morning, “ Hey, Cody, we are hungry!” Then we go over to the playground and he plays while I walk/jog (more walking) around the play area. After that we run any errands if we need to in town then we head back home. We play with trains, blocks, legos or Wii. JC comes in for lunch around 11 and we eat. I get cleaned up and he lays down and watches TV. I start dinner and then it is about time to head back into town to pick up kids. There is about a 20 min wait after I pick up the girls and the time I get another boy so we go back to the park and let the kids burn some energy.

I am really loving the time with my boy! It makes me sad to think this is my last year to have him home with me and all to myself.

One more thing, he calls me Dude when we play games. I love it


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Marcie said...

Sounds like things are going well. Love and miss you!