Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is what the monsoons do

We are officially in monsoon season and we have been so thankful with all the moisture that it has brought to us, and are praying we get even more! We love watching the storms roll right over our ranch, it is almost exciting to sit on the porch and see and smell it get closer.


Jordyn, Kelly , Cody and Sadie

This Mt. or hill right behind the red barn is called Stockton Hill and when it builds up behind there is when we get the best storm.


In this picture you can't even see Stockton anymore


The kids have so much fun playing in it, the girls are soaked from "showering" in the run off from the roof.


Now with the good of the storms comes the bad. It seems since the start of the storms we are getting more bugs then normal. This morning we started the day with the girls finding a rattlesnake under this bench. It was behind the grate Kelly and I pride it open and he hit it with his shovel but it slither/jumped back under the house so fast we could not kill it. Which lets us now that we probably have more under the house. (this is the same bench behind the kids in the picture above)


Then we found the biggest centipede I have ever seen in my life.

Last night JC killed another Vinegaroon, it is out of focus but look them up they are also called Whip Scorpions


and last but not least we have been seeing these all over the place. this was on the outside of the window.


I am not sure if the creepy crawly things we have out here could get any worse but I don't want to find out, lets just all say a prayer tonight that non of them get inside my house.

Anyone that would like to come visit be our guest just bring your bug spray!


Marcie said...

I am also so excited for the monsoons. In my opinion, it's the best thing about Arizona. However, all those bugs and snakes, that's not fun. Good thing you have a bunch of brave kids!

Michelle Ashton said...

Ohhhh I so couldn't even sleep there. My mind would be racing thiking about all those creepy crawly things. I don't know how you do it!

Kristen said...

That post really gave me the heebie-geebies (as Trish would say):) You are a trooper--I couldn't handle the snakes. Chuck brought home two tarantulas he found on the road to Snowflake and the boys LOVED them. I let them keep them for 2 days and then we drove them FAR away and let them go:)

Honey Girl said...

I feel for you with the rattlesnakes...yikes! That would freak me out. We haven't had any around our house this year luckily. I might not be coming to visit...ever! Just kidding!

Maren said...

Can Cody sleep with me and protect me from snakes, spiders, and bugs in general. I would almost take a spider over a cockroach. They can't outrun me (yet).